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5 Reasons Why This Mouth Tape Will Save Your Brain

You're probably skeptical this could fix your bad sleep. Mouth taping sounds crazy, this has to be a scam right!?

Here's how bad sleepers everywhere finally found one of the most powerful and simple ways to fix bad sleep, low energy, anxiety, stress, dry mouth, and bad breath.

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1. Nose Breathing Good, Mouth Breathing Bad

Experts say nasal breathing is optimal for sleep. One way to do this is taping your mouth shut. This prevents snoring in most cases and improves sleep and decreases brain fog and increases daily focus.

2. James Nestor Wrote A Best Selling Book About How Mouth Breathing Almost Killed Him

During a 30 day experiment at Stanford University Medical Center, James would plug his nose and only mouth breathe...he stopped after 10 days. Because of his mouth breathing, he developed snoring, sleep apnea, high blood pressure and deadly levels of low blood oxygen. Nose breathing and mouth tape saved him.

3. Stronger and More Comfortable

Sure, you could buy cheap tape and that might work for some of you. For most of us with facial hair and strong jaws, cheap tape doesn't hold. You need something that stays put all night and feels so comfortable you forget it's there.

4. Thousands Of Lives Saved

Mouth breathers everywhere are feeling the Hostage Tape difference. Check out all of the reviews telling us this is the BEST tape they've ever used, and how this has changed their lives.

5. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

You might be thinking, will this even work? We're confident that if you're a mouth breather during sleep, Hostage Tape will be the strongest comfortable mouth tape you've ever used. We have a 30-day money back guarantee. This could change your life...what are you waiting for?

400+ Reviews
Hear From Other Bad Sleepers We've Saved

Legit is one of my top 2022 purchases to help myself and my partner! I have slept so much better. Works fine with my varying beard length.
★★★★★ James C.

I really didn’t think these things would work… but they do. I have been waiting for a call from my health care provider for a sleep study but they are backed up so I figured I’d give this a try. Well now I don’t care if they don’t call. Hostage tape works and I’m sleeping better.
★★★★★ Dominic C.

I believe I am sleeping better. I have always suffered from debilitating migraine headaches, and in the fall the inflammation can be very bad in my sinuses and nasal passageways. The sleep tape seems to reduce that. More oxygen may be getting through, which may lead to reduced frequency or intensity of headaches.
★★★★★ Daniel W.

Hostage tape is super comfortable and secure without feeling restrictive. It comes off easily and no longer leaves black sticky material around my mouth so I appreciate the changes they've made! I thought the whole mouth tape thing seemed crazy at first, but I definitely notice I fall asleep faster and feel more rested and energized when I wake up. Hostage Tape makes it so easy by taking out the guess work and effort!
★★★★★ Jamie M.


I absolutely loved my experience using Hostage Tape. I was a little apprehensive putting a piece of tape on my mouth but honestly, I had the best sleep in a very long time. My husband even noticed that I woke up more refreshed after using Hostage Tape. Definitely recommend and I will be purchasing at my husband's request.
★★★★★ Amanda P.

Hostage tape is awesome! I've tried other mouth tapes and I think Hostage Tape is better. The size and shape make it easy to put on. The stretchy fabric is a definite plus. I've only used them for the past two nights, but I really like them so far. Also I sport a full beard and Hostage Tape worked perfectly.
★★★★★ Jesse L.