★★★★★ 400+ Reviews

5 Reasons Why This Mouth Tape Will Help Your CPAP Work Better

Bad sleepers everywhere are discovering one of the most powerful and least intrusive interventions for bad sleep, low energy, anxiety, stress, dry mouth, and bad breath. Here are five reasons why Hostage Tape is stopping people everywhere from being held hostage by poor sleep.

I'M IN...no need to read further!

1. Nose Breathing Good, Mouth Breathing Bad

Just because you wear a CPAP doesn't mean you're not mouth breathing. It can lead to annoying dry mouth, uncomfortable extra straps and a less effecient night sleep.

2. James Nestor Wrote A Best Selling Book About How Mouth Breathing Almost Killed Him

During a 30 day experiment at Stanford University Medical Center, James would plug his nose and only mouth breathe...he stopped after 10 days. Because of his mouth breathing, he developed snoring, sleep apnea, and deadly levels of low blood oxygen. Nose breathing and mouth tape saved him.

3. Stronger and More Comfortable

Sure, you could buy cheap tape or use a chin strap and that might work for some of you. For most of us with facial hair and strong jaws, cheap tape doesn't hold and an extra strap is annoying and uncomfortable. You need something that stays put all night and feels so comfortable you forget it's there.

4. Thousands Of Lives Saved

Mouth breathers everywhere are feeling the Hostage Tape difference. Check out all of the reviews telling us this is the BEST tape they've ever used, and how this has changed their lives.

5. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

You might be thinking, will this even work? We're confident that if you're a mouth breather during sleep, Hostage Tape will be the strongest comfortable mouth tape you've ever used. We have a 30-day money back guarantee. This could change your life...what are you waiting for?

400+ Reviews
Hear From Other Bad Sleepers We've Saved

Way better than anything else I’ve tried. Surprised how comfortable it is and how well it works even with facial hair. The fabric is breathable yet manages to keep my mouth closed! And it’s working wonders with my CPAP - keeping my AHI lower than ever (usually 0-1!)
★★★★★ Saurabh S.

I’m am very pleased with this special mouth tape. It is wide, soft, pliable with just the right amount of stickiness! I can still breathe through the tape so if the name HOSTAGE makes you think of duct tape-it’s nothing like that at all!! It’s comfortable and works well with my CPAP machine. No more chin straps to keep my mouth closed! I’ve just received my next 3 months supply!
★★★★★ Kathy K.

This beats the hell out of a damn chin strap for my CPAP. Was skeptical about it working with my beard but it worked perfectly!
★★★★★ Justin E.

Love how easy it is to use and how hostage tape really compliments my CPAP experience. Thanks!
★★★★★ Eric F.

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I use a CPAP Machine and always had air leak out my mouth during the night cause it would open. But since I've started using Hostage Tape....I sleep so much better and my AHI levels have dropped to normal, the material is perfect and stretches enough to cover my whole mouth I dont get air leaks anymore. Totally recommend to all CPAP users...THANK YOU HOSTAGE TAPE!!!
★★★★★ Roberto A.

My cpap sleep scores have gone to 100 every night since I got the tape. I love it. Life savor!!
★★★★★ Patrick G.