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3 Ways To Improve Your Sleep And Change Your Life

Bad sleepers everywhere are discovering one of the most powerful and least intrusive interventions for bad sleep, low energy, anxiety, stress, dry mouth, and bad breath. Here are 3 simple tips to help people everywhere from being held hostage by poor sleep.

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1. Darkness Is Your Ally, Limit Your Screen Time

When you expose your body to light, it decreases your natural melatonin production and messes with your body's circadian rhythm. Cutting your screen time at least an hour before bed & blacking out light on your eyes can allow your body to get ready to sleep.

2. Temperature, It Matters

Taking a hot shower or bath before bed lowers your body's core temperature and allows you to relax and increase sleepiness. Feel free to turn down the thermostat at night as well to ensure you stay asleep.

3. Nose Breathing Good, Mouth Breathing Bad

Experts say nasal breathing is optimal for sleep. One way to do this is taping your mouth shut. This prevents snoring in most cases and improves sleep and decreases brain fog and increases daily focus.

Thousands Of Lives Saved

Mouth breathers everywhere are feeling the Hostage Tape difference. Check out all of the reviews telling us this is the BEST tape they've ever used, and how this has changed their lives.

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You might be thinking, will this even work? We're confident that if you're a mouth breather during sleep, Hostage Tape will be the strongest comfortable mouth tape you've ever used. We have a 30-day money back guarantee. This could change your life...what are you waiting for?

400+ Reviews
Hear From Other Bad Sleepers We've Saved

Works great! The best mouth tape I have ever used!

★★★★★ Terry D.

I was skeptical about mouth taping. I tried regular medical tape which didn't work all that well. I have a beard and was nervous to put it on my beard. I also use a cpap and have been using a chin strap to keep my mouth shut at night. I hated the chin straps. After 30 days, I love it. I'm to the point where I don't realize I'm even wearing it. I definitely recommend it.
★★★★★ Barry K.

Great product. I am a registered nurse and have to admit I was skeptical, but your product is a game changer. I initially purchased a few to trial them but will be resupplying shortly based on phenomenal results, thanks!
★★★★★ Christopher L.

I was skeptical but went ahead and tried it. I was very pleasantly surprised at how easy and comfortable it actually is. It may be a game changer in my sleep health.
★★★★★ Jason F.


I was skeptical at first, but the tape works and helps me breathe through my nose. I am very happy with the product!
★★★★★ Joseph G.

I have to say, I was skeptical about this at first, but it's amazing. I can sleep right next to my husband now without being annoyed.
★★★★★ Wendy.