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How Mouth Taping Can Save Your Life in One Night

You're probably skeptical this could fix your bad sleep. Mouth taping sounds crazy, it may not be for you.

One-third of our life is spent sleeping. Yet, every other person in the US reports struggling to stay awake most days of the week.

Did you know 170 million Americans struggle with sleep-related issues? Makes sense why we are so tired. What are the odds you are in that category? Probably pretty high. 

Nose Breathing Good, Mouth Breathing Bad

The hottest voice in science Dr. Andrew Huberman says, "All people can sleep much better by nose breathing and one way to do this is taping your mouth shut. This prevents snoring in most cases, improves sleep, daytime focus will improve, cardiovascular health will improve, and on and on."

James Nestor Wrote About How Mouth Breathing Almost Killed Him

James' 30-day mouth-breathing experiment at Stanford Med Center turned dangerous. Nose breathing and mouth taping saved him from snoring, sleep apnea and deadly low blood oxygen levels.

Have You Seen Hostage Tape?

Probably not...Here's What Everyone Is Talking About.

It's flexible and has a firm hold, so it stays on all night. This means you can get the sleep you deserve without having to worry about leaving the bed.

Each package comes with 30 strips, so you can use Hostage Tape every night without having to make late-night runs to the store for sleeping pills or cheap tape.

It's easy to use, so you can apply it quickly in the dark without having to read instructions or watch YouTube tutorials. This means you can get to sleep faster.

It's strong and breathable, so you can use it whether you have facial hair or not. This means no more beard rash and missing patches of hair.

It's comfortable, so you can actually enjoy sleeping instead of dreading what's supposed to be the best part of your day.

This Seems Dangerous, Is This Really For Me?

Are you worried about suffocating? Your nose is designed to breathe and your body will wake you up if oxygen levels drop, preventing sleep apnea. Keep your nose clear by using it. Works even if you are stuffy or have a deviated septum.

Thousands Of Lives Saved

Mouth breathers everywhere are feeling the Hostage Tape difference. Check out all of the reviews telling us this is the BEST tape they've ever used, and how this has changed their lives.

500+ Reviews From People Just Like You 

Legit is one of my top 2022 purchases to help myself and my partner! I have slept so much better. Works fine with my varying beard length.
★★★★★ James C.

Tape actually sticks very well as opposed to its competitors. I have a beard & mustache and the mouth tape held very well. Awesome!!
★★★★★ Harold C.

I have used a few different mouth tapes that did not work. Hostage Tape has from night one. It is comfortable and does not come off and is helping me sleep better.
★★★★★ William O.

Great product. Was using competing tapes which would not stick well to my facial hair. This tape stays on tightly all night.
★★★★★ Walter C.

This beats the hell out of a damn chin strap for my CPAP. Was skeptical about it working with my beard but it worked perfectly!
★★★★★ Justin E.

Hostage tape is awesome! I've tried other mouth tapes and I think Hostage Tape is better. The size and shape make it easy to put on. The stretchy fabric is a definite plus. I've only used them for the past two nights, but I really like them so far. Also I sport a full beard and Hostage Tape worked perfectly.
★★★★★ Jesse L.

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

You might be thinking, will this even work? We're confident that if you're a mouth breather during sleep, Hostage Tape will be the strongest, most comfortable mouth tape you've ever used. Try it risk free with a no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee.


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