Hostage Tape Men & Women 4 month
Hostage Tape Men & Women 4 month
Hostage Tape Men & Women 4 month
Hostage Tape Men & Women 4 month
Hostage Tape Men & Women 4 month
Hostage Tape Men & Women 4 month

Hostage Tape Men & Women 4 month
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Official sleep aid partner of UFC

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Trusted by 100,000+ Mouth Breathers

◼︎ 4 Months = 120 nights of incredible sleep

◼︎ Breathable fabric that allows air to rush in only during a crisis.
◼︎ 30 mouth tapes per pouch to #ShutYourMouth.
◼︎ Comfort so stealthy, it's like a ninja on a silent night.
◼︎ Grip so sturdy, it could arm wrestle a lumberjack and win.
◼︎ CPAP-friendly, because we're all about making friends.
◼︎ So simple, you could do it with your eyes closed. No, really!
◼︎ Shipping so fast and free in the USA, it'll make your head spin! (For the ultra-impatient, 2-day delivery available.)
◼︎ As low as $.55 cents / day for your life-changing sleep
◼︎ 100% Money back guarantee

We are a US company and all orders ship from our warehouses around the country with tracking usually in 3-5 days. Feel free contact our 24/7 customer team:

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Benefits of Mouth taping

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Important Disclaimer

While Hostage Tape is generally safe. Do not use Hostage Tape if you have trouble breathing through your nose. Do not use by itself without a CPAP if you are obese (BMI over 35), Do not use if you have very low blood pressure. Do not use if you have severe heart or breathing problems, or if you have a cold, sinus, or ear infection. Do not use if you have severely chapped lips or non-intact skin immediately around the mouth, or after consuming alcohol or sedatives.



Everyone, but also mostly men and their partners because (let’s face it) men snore more than anybody else. Their partners can’t sleep and want to probably hurt you…just kidding, but not really.


Most tape doesnt hold over scruff and beards. We designed our tape to have a firm hold and stay put. Checkout our reviews from other men who have facial hair. It may pull a little bit on longer beards but beard balm helps reduce this.


This sounds counter intuitive, for most normal people your stuffy nose can open up naturally by simply breathing through your nose. Mouth breathing can increase mucus production and trigger constriction of the airways, which can make a stuffed nose worse. #ShutYourMouth


You can use medical tape, Hostage Tape may not be right for you.

Many people use medical tape and recommend it for mouth taping.

We started out using medical tape, but it didn't hold strong enough, and was uncomfortable.

If you have facial hair it really doesnt hold well.

Medical tape is also annoying to pull off and apply.

Check out our reviews for the people who have used both and choose Hostage Tape because it holds better and is way more comfortable.


Because we said so! Stop asking so many questions, put your tape on and #ShutYourMouth. Let your partner sleep for once.

Truth be told, we wanted to get your attention and bring light to how serious mouth breathing is. Most people dont realize that 25-50% of the population breathes through their mouth.

Hostage Tape taps into peoples emotions on how they feel...taken hostage by poor sleep.


Every hostage situation is unique. But yes, your body was designed to breathe through your nose, it's time to start doing it. Check out the LEARN section for some great videos on experts talking about why mouth breathing is so bad.