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6 years ago I had it all.
2 years later…I lost everything.
THIS changed my life.


I had the software business doing 7 figures a year, the wife and 2 kids, the vacations, the house, the cars.

Collage of a family on vacation, luxury car, man posing, tropical resort, and running shoes.


Within 2 years I was divorced, living in my aunt's basement, I sold my business for a job I hated.

My wife and I stopped talking to each other.

We did curbside drop-off for the kids.

I only saw my kids half the time.

I hit rock bottom and in that moment knew I needed to change my life.

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I had always been a terrible sleeper because I snored like a chainsaw.

Turns out my life was being held hostage by my poor sleep.

It was one of the reasons my marriage fell apart.

My wife slept in another bedroom for years and our intimacy eroded.

I was also too focused on my business, burnt out, out of shape, and neglecting my wife and my kids.

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My life-changing moment was discovering mouth taping.

My poor sleep would no longer hold my life hostage.

I know, mouth taping sounds crazy.

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Reading James Nestor’s best-selling book Breath where they plug their nose for 10 days at Stanford Medical Center, develop sleep apnea, snoring, and dangerously low levels of blood oxygen…and then unplug their nose, mouth tape, and everything went away after a day.

The light bulb went off in my head…mouth breathing, was it really that simple.

A book titled 'BREATH' by James Nestor with related items, including a notepad and a vinyl record.


Being an athlete my whole life, my coaches never taught me the amazing benefits of nasal breathing and the dangers of mouth breathing.

Sitting in my aunt's basement over 4 years ago, it all started with that one night of good sleep.

A life-changing series of good sleep that has led me here.

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I mouth tape every night.

I get amazing sleep.

I feel energized when I wake up.

I lost 25 pounds and got in amazing shape.

A book titled 'BREATH' by James Nestor with related items, including a notepad and a vinyl record.


I started a new business to follow my passion and inspire other men to change their lives.

We’ve now inspired hundreds of thousands of people around the world to join the Hostage Tape army.

And to change their lives with this crazy simple little thing called mouth taping.

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We're now the official sleep aid partner of UFC.


Joe Rogan

We're also partners with Joe Rogan's podcast.

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We sleep a third of our lives, and statistically…most of us are mouth breathing when we sleep.

There are 128 million households in the US.

71% of you are mouth breathing during sleep.

That means most of you are not getting very good sleep.

Stylized black and white graphic with text '71% MOUTH BREATHERS' and a face with tape over the mouth.


So think about how that is negatively impacting you right now…hurting your health, hurting your wealth, and hurting your relationships.

What are you going to do to level up and change your life today?

Don’t let bad sleep hold you hostage anymore.

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Remember how I lost my family…

After becoming the man, father, and partner I'm proud to be today.

One day on curbside drop off, my wife came up to the car and we had our first conversation in 2 years.

She invited me into her home, and I was able to see my kid's bedroom for the first time in 2 years.

We now sleep in the same bed again, and every once in a while I’ll fall asleep forgetting to put my tape on.

She’ll bump me and say, honey put your tape on.

My wife, kids and I are back together.

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90 days of Mouth Tape

Free 30 days of Nose Strips

Free Storage Tin

FREE Shipping

30-day money back guarantee

Trusted by the Los Angeles Center of ENT

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The Best Tape I've Ever Used!

Alex D.

"Admittedly I was skeptical about whether or not this tape would actually improve my sleep. I can’t believe how wrong I was. This stuff has absolutely improved the quality of my sleep. 10 out of 10 recommend."

Theresa D.

"In all ways of working of optimization, I finally added hostage tape. I had an amazing first night of sleep, and it’s really easy to wear, I was very pleasantly surprised! I even felt my breathing instantly regulate. Excited to implement this new habit."

Peter P.

"I really love the nasal strips. The popular name brand strips irritate my nose and I end up peeling off in the middle of the night. Not Hostage Tape ones. Ultra comfortable."

The Sleep You Deserve

Imagine finally getting the rest you deserve. Imagine Sleeping in the same bed as your partner (and loving it). Imagine waking up feeling refreshed and energized so you can take on any challenge that life wants to throw at you. Turns out there’s a weird hack to make this all come true: Mouth taping Sounds pretty crazy right? Well here’s 5 reasons it really works.

Supports oral health*

Supports healthy sleep*

Immune support*

Best Mouthtape available

Backed by research

Promotes better breathing

4,123 verified reviews from our customers

It works with my beard!

Tape actually sticks very well as opposed to its competitors. I have a beard & mustache and the mouth tape held very well. Awesome!!

Harold C.

Best mouthtape on the planet!

I have used a few different mouth tapes that did not work. Hostage Tape has from night one. It is comfortable and does not come off and is helping me sleep better.

William O.

Works with my CPAP!

This beats the hell out of a damn chin strap for my CPAP. Was skeptical about it working with my beard but it worked perfectly!

Justin E.

3,641 verified reviews from our customers