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5,014 verified reviews from our customers

I actually didn't suffocate!

I was skeptical at first, thinking I’d suffocate in my sleep. Just the opposite happened. I now sleep harder, I wake up feeling far more rested than before and no dry mouth.

Leah K.

Best mouthtape on the planet!

I have used a few different mouth tapes that did not work. Hostage Tape has from night one. It is comfortable and does not come off and is helping me sleep better.

William O.

Works with my CPAP!

This beats the hell out of a damn chin strap for my CPAP. Was skeptical about it working with my beard but it worked perfectly!

Justin E.

5,014 verified reviews from our customers

1. Slay Your Sleep Game.

You're not a "Sleepy Girl." You just feel like one because of mouth breathing—and you're not alone. Studies show that 70-80% of people are secret night-time mouth breathers, which leads to lower sleep quality and more daytime grogginess.

Listen, we know ladies never snore. But if you ever breathe loudly, wearing mouth tape will immediately help you find deeper, more restful sleep. Sleep studies show that keeping your mouth shut while you're asleep can reduce or eliminate snoring and sleep apnea. Plus, nasal breathing slows down your heart rate and releases less adrenaline, which helps you get 8+ of beauty sleep.

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2. For The Female Hustlers.

You want to wake up and kick ass every damn day. But what do you do when morning headaches strike? How about when your brain feels foggier than a Starbucks latte?

With our mouth tape, you’ll notice increased mental clarity, focus, and energy the second you roll out of bed. Mouth breathing causes your morning headaches and brain fog by depriving your body of oxygen. Nasal breathing reverses that, making you feel like you've already had a latte when you wake up at 6 AM.

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3. Balance Your Moods: Say So Long to Judy Moody.

Struggling with stress or anxiety? Is your exhaustion making you moody and irritable? Take a deep breath–inhale through your nose aaaand exhale through your nose.

Nasal breathing helps balance your hormones, which leads to happier, more stable moods. It also helps your diaphragm work properly, thus relaxing the body and relieving you of overall stress. Breathing out through your nose regulates your body's oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, which lowers your heart rate, improves your brain function, and improves your sleep quality.

Imagine that? You'll wake up feeling calmer and happier simply because you wore a cute piece of pink tape all night.

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4. Seal your Lips, Level up Your Look.

Your lips better be sealed—because we're about to let you in on a trade secret: The easiest beauty hack on planet earth is mouth taping.

Do you have deep, dark eye bags? It's because of mouth breathing. Dull skin? Mouth breathing. Weak jawline? Mouth breathing. Bad posture? Mouth Breathing. Bad breath? Mouth breathing.

Ladies, mouth breathing is wreaking havoc on your health. Mouth breathing isn't just a nightly nuisance—it’s an awful habit destroying your natural beauty.

Drop the Gua Sha and put on some pink tape! Science Journalist James Nestor explored research on how nasal breathing impacts your oral posture and facial development. He found that excessive mouth breathing weakens your jaw muscles, robbing you of your sharp, defined facial features.

Forget about botox. By breathing through your nose, you'll strengthen your jawline and define your overall facial structure.

Profile of a woman with graphic lines illustrating facial contouring, isolated on a white background.

5. Fit and Femme: The Science-Approved Recovery Improvement

Intense barre class? Did pilates push it too far this week? No matter how you workout, nose breathing helps your muscles recover faster overnight—thanks to our good friend called nitric oxide.

Studies show your body produces the most nitric oxide when you're nasal breathing. It increases your blood flow and reduces blood pressure. It also helps repair your muscles and increases your stamina. Your next spin class might feel a little too easy after you start mouthtaping.

Pro Tip for your next workout: When you breathe through your nose, your body extracts more oxygen, maintains a steady breathing pattern, levels your heart rate, and pushes more nitric oxide to your muscles. It will help you maintain posture and better form—meaning fewer injuries and better sessions.

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How it Works?


01 . Peel Backing Strip

Pull strip's sides apart to separate backing and expose adhesive.

02. Applying Tape

Apply to dry and pursed lips & massage the tape to secure its position.

03. Ultimate Sleep Comfort

Enjoy a restful night sleep with the world's most flexible & comfortable mouth tape

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The Sleep You Deserve

Imagine finally getting the rest you deserve. Imagine Sleeping in the same bed as your partner (and loving it). Imagine waking up feeling refreshed and energized so you can take on any challenge that life wants to throw at you. Turns out there’s a weird hack to make this all come true: Mouth taping Sounds pretty crazy right? Well here’s 5 reasons it really works.

Supports oral health*

Supports healthy sleep*

Immune support*

Best Mouthtape available

Backed by research

Promotes better breathing


30-day money
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