4 Reasons Why Mouth Tape Will Change Your Life

1. Your Body Wants Air Through The Nose

The massive health benefits from nasal breathing are well documented and nearly uncontested.

Hostage Tape lets you achieve:
-Noticeably better sleep
-Sharper brain function
-Faster body healing rate
-Improved oral health
-Preserve hydration

2. After a Week Sleeping With Hostage Tape, You Will...

-Wake up feeling energized
-Sleep next to your partner again
-Have fresher breath
-Stop snoring
-Start to see improved oral health
-Become better looking (not while wearing the product)

Simply put,
Nose breathing good, mouth breathing bad!

3. Mouth Taping is Backed By Science

Dr. A. Huberman and many others say, nasal breathing can:

- Reduce infections and the build up of bacteria in your mouth.

- Decrease blood pressure and HRV.

- Improve oral health.

- Increase focus during the day.

The benefits are real.

4. We didn't invent mouth taping

Taping your mouth isn't new. The only new part is that now Hostage Tape makes it comfortable and convenient.

We spent years testing various materials and designs for the perfect mouth tape.

Now everyday, thousands of people are discovering the myriad benefits of nasal breathing and enjoying it.

1500+ Reviews
What Actual Customers Have To Say

Legit is one of my top 2022 purchases to help myself and my partner! I have slept so much better. Works fine with my varying beard length.
★★★★★ James C.

Tape actually sticks very well as opposed to its competitors. I have a beard & mustache and the mouth tape held very well. Awesome!!
★★★★★ Harold C.

I have used a few different mouth tapes that did not work. Hostage Tape has from night one. It is comfortable and does not come off and is helping me sleep better.
★★★★★ William O.

Great product. Was using competing tapes which would not stick well to my facial hair. This tape stays on tightly all night.
★★★★★ Walter C.










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This beats the hell out of a damn chin strap for my CPAP. Was skeptical about it working with my beard but it worked perfectly!
★★★★★ Justin E.

Hostage tape is awesome! I've tried other mouth tapes and I think Hostage Tape is better. The size and shape make it easy to put on. The stretchy fabric is a definite plus. I've only used them for the past two nights, but I really like them so far. Also I sport a full beard and Hostage Tape worked perfectly.
★★★★★ Jesse L.