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Imagine finally getting the rest you deserve. Imagine sleeping in the same bed as your partner (and loving it). Imagine waking up feeling so energized you can take on any challenge life throws at you. Turns out, there’s a weird hack to make all of this come true. Just click the button below to find out what it is... 👀

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1. Mouth Breathing Is Wrecking Your Life… Here's How You Stop


It's true: Mouth breathing is the root of all evil. You're probably scratching your head right now, giving this screen a side-eye, and wondering if I've lost my marbles. I get it, this sounds like the plot for a creepy silent movie. But here's the twist—your body is literally designed for nasal breathing. Even Joe Rogan thinks so.

Mouth breathing leads to morning headaches, dry mouth, stinky breath, and the groggy feeling that drives you to hit the snooze button like a sleep-deprived zombie.

Nasal breathing, on the other hand, filters germs out of the air you inhale while simultaneously humidifying your lungs. It also tells your brain to increase production of a super gas called nitric oxide, which improves blood flow and oxygen delivery throughout your entire body, leading to faster muscle recovery and enhanced brain function.

So before you dismiss mouth taping as a gag (pun intended), remember this: Nose breathing won't just improve your sleep quality—it'll also increase your energy levels every morning by pumping your bloodstream full of much-needed oxygen that mouth breathing steals from you.

2. Hostage Tape Is the Strongest & Most Comfortable Mouth Tape on the Planet

Mouth taping ain't new but Hostage Tape is—and it's changing the game for good.

This isn't your run-of-the-mill, flaccid pharmacy tape. Hostage Tape grabs your mouth and holds it shut 'till you're ready to take it off. Even the fiercest of lumberjack beards don't stand a chance against this stuff. Once you put it on, it ain't coming off until you say so.

But don't be fooled by its Hulkish strength. It’s as comfortable as those silk boxers you wear when your wife isn't home.

Simply peel off the back (just like a bandaid), apply it to your mouth, and drift off into nasal breathing nirvana.

3. Experience More Energy Than You Had in Your 20’s

Ready for a makeover? No, not that kind of makeover. We're talking about a biological makeover. Duh.

Picture this: You wake up with enough energy to run a 5-minute mile. You slide back under the sheets with your partner and... have a pillow fight? We'll keep it PG, but you get the jist: Nose breathing = 20% more oxygen in your bloodstream = enhanced cognitive function and a higher libido.

Plus, wearing Hostage Tape will slay the bad-breath dragon that harasses your mouth every morning. It'll also prevent so much plaque buildup on your teeth that you'll finally be able to lock eyes with your dentist and tell him you're doing something even better than flossing.

4. It's Backed By Science

There is a science to it. Frequent Joe Rogan Experience guest Dr. Andrew Huberman suggests the best way to snag a peaceful night's sleep isn't counting sheep until 2 AM, but applying mouth tape to promote nasal breathing.

This isn't a plot hatched by your partner to muffle your snoring (although they'll be thrilled by that side effect). Nasal breathing opens up your airways and allows you to inhale more air with half the effort.

Studies also show that nasal breathers get longer, deeper sleep than mouth breathers—which neuroscientists like Dr. Matthew Walker say can increase your life expectancy by several years.

It's time to shut down the snore factory and wake up feeling like the energizer bunny.

5. We Re-Invented Mouth Taping So You Could Re-Invent Your Life

Mouth taping has been around longer than your grandma's secret cookie recipe—the only difference is that nobody's really been talking about it (except Joe Rogan).

Because unlike your Grandma, commercial mouth taping manufacturers couldn't figure it out… until now. We rebuilt the mouth taping “recipe” from the ground up, and now we've revolutionized the entire sleep-aid industry forever. Hostage Tape isn't just a roll of sticky stuff. It's the tape of all tapes that will hug your face and give you the sleep that you deserve.

Our top-secret recipe has resulted in a tape that's as comfortable as your $30 pair of silk boxers, stronger than a bodybuilder's bicep, and easier to use than a toothbrush.

Scared to put it on your mouth? Don't be. Your nose is craving some action.

The Best Tape I've Ever Used!

Alex D.

"Admittedly I was skeptical about whether or not this tape would actually improve my sleep. I can’t believe how wrong I was. This stuff has absolutely improved the quality of my sleep. 10 out of 10 recommend."

Theresa D.

"In all ways of working of optimization, I finally added hostage tape. I had an amazing first night of sleep, and it’s really easy to wear, I was very pleasantly surprised! I even felt my breathing instantly regulate. Excited to implement this new habit."

Peter P.

"I really love the nasal strips. The popular name brand strips irritate my nose and I end up peeling off in the middle of the night. Not Hostage Tape ones. Ultra comfortable."


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5,041 verified reviews from our customers

It works with my beard!

Tape actually sticks very well as opposed to its competitors. I have a beard & mustache and the mouth tape held very well. Awesome!!

Harold C.

Best mouthtape on the planet!

I have used a few different mouth tapes that did not work. Hostage Tape has from night one. It is comfortable and does not come off and is helping me sleep better.

William O.

Works with my CPAP!

This beats the hell out of a damn chin strap for my CPAP. Was skeptical about it working with my beard but it worked perfectly!

Justin E.

5,041 verified reviews from our customers