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Top U.S. Sleep Health Expert Reveals 1-Step “Sleep Hack” Technique – Makes Sleep Easier, More Restorative, and Deeper

LOS ANGELES, CA -- Experts are saying it’s the “sleep secret” that can restore the body in record time.

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For years, this method was only used by folks in the know and the well-connected, like pro athletes and influencers. But a new breakthrough has this technique going viral, with thousands of people all over the world using this “total body sleep” method right from home.

The effects of a fully rested body and mind are noticeable right away -- healthy brain function, cardiovascular support, clean energy that lasts all day.

Unfortunately, most people are rarely fully rested -- especially in today’s world, where screens and blue light penetrate our lives 24/7 and disrupt most people’s natural sleep rhythm.

The best part about this new “restorative sleep” method? It’s so easy, it makes falling asleep virtually effortless. No more laying awake tossing and turning, or waking up in the middle of the night unable to go back to sleep, and feeling exhausted the next day.

That’s right, this sleep technique helps keep your body in a rhythm of deep, restorative sleep… so you wake up ready for the day, and your body is fully recharged with clean all-day energy.

In fact, recent research has shown that getting proper “full body sleep” is even more important than previously thought.

The truth is, every part of your body needs proper sleep in order to function. A lot of people don’t realize all the different issues that are related to poor sleep quality -- low stamina, fatigue, aches and pains… Issues that a lot of folks think they just have to deal with, but now this easy natural “sleep fix” can make all the difference.

We dove into the research to discover the secret to this groundbreaking sleep method and learn why thousands of people are already using it to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

And the benefits of this “full body sleep” method turned out to be even more remarkable than we expected…

So what is this 1-step trick to fixing sleep quality, restoring the mind and body literally overnight? And how does it work?

It’s called Hostage Tape, and the way it works is surprisingly simple. There is a science to it. Health expert Dr. Andrew Huberman says that the best way to get a peaceful night's sleep that actually restores the body and mind is not counting sheep until 2am… but actually applying mouth tape to promote nasal breathing.

The purpose of mouth tape is not to reduce your snoring to give your partner peace and quiet (though, admittedly, it might be a happy side effect). There are actually many surprising health benefits that come from breathing through your nose while you sleep, as opposed to your mouth.

In addition to giving you more energy by allowing oxygen to flow more efficiently to your brain and blood flow, mouth taping also will decrease your dry mouth so you aren't searching for water in the middle of the night. Plus, it actually improves your dental health by limiting the amount of harmful bacteria entering your mouth while you sleep.

How are the results when people use Hostage Tape while sleeping?

We’ve noticed most users report deep, relaxing sleep that’s easy to fall into with no tossing or turning. And we’ve also seen a significant boost in muscle recovery, fewer headaches, clearer thinking, plus more comfortable joints and muscles during daily activity. It makes a lot of sense when you think about how important sleep is for total body health.

That’s why the folks behind Hostage Tape realized it could really help a lot of people. So they set aside a small supply for anyone to claim online.

Joel M.

Verified Customer

My teeth seem more white, I would have given a 5 ⭐ but I'm still snoring out of my nose. I feel like I'm breathing more freely from my nose though. I was scared to give this product a try but I'm glad I did. I seem to be sleeping much better.

But we didn’t just take their word for it… we reached out to hundreds of real users of this new restorative sleep method to hear their personal success stories. And we were blown away by the number of people who had completely transformed their health and their lives simply with one simple change. Just listen to these real success stories from Hostage Tape users…

Hostage Tape

We’ve gone ahead and included the link in this article, so anyone reading this who needs the benefits of total body sleep can get the solution they need.

Driven by the overwhelming positive results, the team behind this discovery decided to make a small supply of Hostage Tape available to anyone who needs it through a special private link.

However, supplies are limited, so the link could be taken down at any moment.

We can safely say that this simple sleep technique offers the quickest and easiest way to restore the entire body with deep, restful sleep right from the comfort of home.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Peter P

Awesome Product

I really love the hostage mouth tape. The popular name brand strips irritate my nose and I end up peeling off in the middle of the night. Not Hostage Tape ones. Ultra comfortable.

Yes, I recommend this product.

Bob W.

Cannot believe I slept without it!!

Took a minute to get used to it, now cannot believe I slept without it!!

Yes, I recommend this product.

Marvin M.

Very Beneficial

After I got used to it, I found it very beneficial

Yes, I recommend this product.

Alex D.

Improved the quality of my sleep

Admittedly I was skeptical about whether or not this tape would actually improve my sleep. I can’t believe how wrong I was. This stuff has absolutely improved the quality of my sleep. 10 out of 10 recommend.

Yes, I recommend this product.

Anna Marie M.

Very Comfortable

Ok I’ve been wearing them every night since I got them and missed a night the other day and felt like complete s**t when I woke up…so it’s doing something. They’re comfortable and I have insanely sensitive skin and haven’t had any issues with taking the tape off or the glue…so super excited about that. Husband says I still manage to snore some 🤣🤷‍♀️ his problem not mine - I’m sleeping great now!

Yes, I recommend this product.

Alison M.

Better Sleep

I love these! I sleep so much better when wearing them and did not want to run out…ever! I took advantage of the Black Friday sale and will continue to sleep well for a year before I will have to order more!!

Yes, I recommend this product.

Hostage Tape

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