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How Mouth Tape Will Unlock Better Sleep For You and Your Hubby in Less than 7 Days:

Imagine finally getting the rest you deserve. Sleeping in the same bed as your hubby. Waking up feeling refreshed and energized so you can take on any challenge that life wants to throw at you.

Well, now you can.

But Mouth taping??
It’s ok if you're skeptical.
We used to be too…

Until we started hearing from hundreds of women (including our own spouses) … about how it changed their lives for the better.

We know it sounds really weird and we get that you're skeptical.
But please hang on for just one more night!

Here’s how this weird sleep hack will transform your sleep (and possibly your sex life) for you and your hubby in less than 7 days:

1. If He’s Snoring He Ain’t Nose Breathing (not good).

The massive health benefits from nasal breathing are well documented and nearly uncontested. But your man is probably mouth breathing which is why he's snoring like a runaway train.

Last time we checked snoring wasn't sexy…

You know how frustrating it is to wake up exhausted and angry instead of hot, heavy, and happy…

You might feel like your intimacy has dropped faster than that off-color joke your uncle made back at your wedding… (why does he do that?!)

But fear not!

It’s time to end the snoring and get back to those morning cuddles.

The simple solution?

2. Sleeping Better Than Ever With Hostage Tape

The answer is simple. Just put the world's strongest and most comfortable mouth tape over his mouth.

No, we aren't talking about suffocation… (Although you may feel like it sometimes).

Hostage Tape ends mouth breathing and all the bad stuff that comes with it… snoring… smelly breath… strange sleeping sounds… (seriously what are those sounds??) And triggers optimal nose breathing instead.

Kiss all that sleep drama goodbye and kiss a happy hubby instead when the snoring disappears quicker than the first girl on the new Bachelor season.

No snoring means amazing sleep for both of you.

It means waking up like the energizer bunny ready to get busy (hey now) with whatever you have on the to-do list.

But this isn’t just a fictional rom-com, check out the
science…behind it:

3. Mouth Tape Backed By Science

Top-notch brainiacs like Dr. Andrew Huberman are suggesting a revolutionary way to snag a peaceful night's sleep is not counting sheep until 2 am, but actually applying mouth tape to promote nasal breathing. All horror movie jokes aside...

This isn't a plot to muffle your husband's snoring to give you peace and quiet. (though, admittedly, it might be a happy side effect). There are actually some benefits.

Mouth taping also decreases “dry mouth” and “morning breath” so you can get those morning kisses without wanting to pass addition to that, consistent nose breathing lowers stress, improves cognition, and even improves dental health.

So why haven't you heard of this before??

4. We Re-Invented The Mouth Taping Recipe So You Could Re-Invent Your Life.

Spoiler alert! Mouth taping ain’t all that new (sorry TikTok). Nope, it's been around longer than your grandma's secret cookie recipe… only difference was no one was really talking about it…

Cause unlike your Grandma the mouth taping manufacturers couldn't figure it out…

Until now.

We rebuilt the mouth-taping “recipe” from the ground up and now we've revolutionized the mouth-taping industry forever. This isn't just a roll of sticky stuff. Hostage Tape is the tape of all tapes that will hug your face and give you and your husband the sleep you deserve.

Our secret recipe has resulted in a tape that's as comfortable as that bougie bathrobe, as strong as your jeans button after a steak dinner, and as easy to use as your toothbrush.

But what if
you snore too? (don’t worry we won’t tell)

It works for women also :)

It’s time to trade snoring and sleep drama for beauty sleep and sexy time.

How do you do that you might ask?

Hostage Tape.

The Best Tape I've Ever Used!

Legit is one of my top 2022 purchases to help myself and my partner! I have slept so much better. Works fine with my varying beard length.

James C.

Verified Buyer

Tape actually sticks very well as opposed to its competitors. I have a beard & mustache and the mouth tape held very well. Awesome!!

Harold C.

Verified Buyer

I have used a few different mouth tapes that did not work. Hostage Tape has from night one. It is comfortable and does not come off and is helping me sleep better.

William O.

Verified Buyer

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This beats the hell out of a damn chin strap for my CPAP. Was skeptical about it working with my beard but it worked perfectly!

Justin E.

Verified Buyer

Hostage tape is awesome! I've tried other mouth tapes and I think Hostage Tape is better. The size and shape make it easy to put on. The stretchy fabric is a definite plus. Also I sport a full beard and Hostage Tape worked perfectly.

Jesse L.

Verified Buyer

Great product. Was using competing tapes which would not stick well to my facial hair. This tape stays on tightly all night.

Walter C.

Verified Buyer