4 Reasons This Breathing Hack Will Change Your Sleep Forever

1. More Oxygen Through The Nose

If you're a nose breather, congratulations, you're puffing out oxygen like a green, leafy tree on a sunny day - 18% more on average, to be precise, than those folks taking the mouth-breathing route.

Confused? Here's the science turned fun-nugget for you: CO2 is like the red carpet announcer for oxygen in your muscles. And boy, does oxygen love a grand entrance!

Now, if you're a mouth breather - no judgment here - but you're sort of like the party pooper who tells CO2 to scram. With less CO2 around, our star of the show, oxygen, doesn't get to strut its stuff as much.

On the other hand, nose breathing is like the slow and steady tortoise in the race of exhalation. It keeps CO2 around for longer, meaning more red carpets, more entrances, and more oxygen parties in your muscles! So, folks, unless you're trying to pull off a Darth Vader impression, put those noses to work!

2. Your Lungs Are Picky

Picture this: Your lungs are like finicky foodies at a five-star restaurant, snubbing their metaphorical noses at the dry, cold, dirty air delivered courtesy of mouth-breathing. It's simply not up to their high standards.

But your nose, now that's the maître d' of the respiratory system. It takes that unappetizing air, warming it up like a gourmet soup, adding a touch of humidity like a fine wine, and giving it a good clean-up that even a Michelin star chef would be proud of.

Voila! Your lungs are served with a gourmet platter of air, so tasty that they reward you with more oxygen. Bon appétit, body! So, let's get fancy and remember to breathe à la nose, not à la mouth.

3. Nitric Oxide

Well, gentlemen, ready for a secret weapon that could make you feel like a supercharged stallion in the bedroom, a LeBron James on the court, and a Steve Jobs in the boardroom? Enter the scene, our humble friend, Nitric Oxide, or as we like to call it, the 'natural happy gas'!

Now, don't get flustered! Nitric oxide is the charming diplomat that convinces your vessels to relax and throw a grand party, where blood flow is the guest of honor. The result? Your manhood stands up to attention, as sturdy as a redwood tree!

And here's the cherry on the cake - this nitric oxide magic doesn't just stop at bedroom adventures. It's the secret sauce to your slam-dunks on the court and those winning presentations in the boardroom. So, let’s hear a round of applause for nitric oxide, the real MVP in the game of life!

4. Ready for a dental drama?

Picture this: You're a mouth breather, innocently unaware that you're hosting the Sahara Desert right there in your mouth! Yep, it's a parched, barren landscape that even a cactus would avoid.

The result of this arid adventure? A frightful fiesta of tooth decay and breath that could challenge a garlic festival. Let's face it, no one wants a smile that sends people running for the hills, right?

But here comes our unsung hero, saliva, wearing its cape and ready to save the day! This super-spit stands guard, shielding your pearly whites from the villainous bacteria and acids ready to wreak havoc.

So, the moral of the story? Embrace your inner librarian and #ShutYourMouth! Let your nose do the heavy lifting while you sit back and flash that dazzling, decay-free smile!