Mouth tape as a subscription to stop snoring, this has to be a SCAM right?

Im sure you’re thinking that this company is trying to sell mouth tape as a subscription in order to keep peoples mouths shut during sleep and to stop snoring…this is insane and just stupid.

Here's a quick TRUE story...

This story is about a family man with a wife and two young kids.

He snored so bad every night, his wife's frustration, resentment, and poor sleep kept building up and building up.

Until one day about 6 years in, his wife started sleeping in a separate bedroom.

Because of that, their intimacy disappeared. They became distant and it was as if they started living separate lives.

Their kids started struggling in school as a result of a poor home environment.

Their relationship was non existent.

They both felt hopeless.

They ended up separating, and eventually went through a very rough divorce. The kids did not handle it well and were doing even worse in school.

It was at this point going through the most difficult time of his life, he knew he needed to make serious changes.

His health being one he wanted to make a priority again.

He lost about 25 pounds, started getting to bed early every night and up by 6am every morning.

Whats funny is he still didn't feel great in the morning and started looking into whether his snoring was the issue.

Could snoring even be cured? So he started researching all the usual things like different positions, pillows, and mouth guards.

Nothing worked.

Until finally he came across a random article that described a researcher who went to a sleep specialist and had scientific data done on his sleep quality. 

Mouth breathing, voila!

Who would have thought. The researcher collected scientific and anecdotal data that clearly showed taping his mouth shut while sleeping solved his snoring, sleep apnea, and poor sleep.

This guy immediately went online and bought some cheap, uncomfortable medical tape.

Eagerly anticipating the arrival of the tape, he finally got it. Not knowing how much to use or the best way to wear it, he put a big strip of tape on one night and went to bed.

When I woke up the next day I could not believe how amazing I felt. It was the best night of sleep I ever had. I felt alive, refreshed, like a teenager again.

It was at that moment I knew I was on to something big. People just needed awareness about mouth-breathing, and to be inspired by a great product they would actually buy, while having a fun buying experience. Most importantly, medical tape sucks…it’s really uncomfortable, not strong enough, and doesn’t work for many of us with facial hair.

Yes, this story is about me…the founder of Hostage Tape. I set out to create the most comfortable mouth tape on the planet, that just works.

3 years after divorce, Im now back together with my wife, our kids are flourishing in school, and we sleep in the same bed again. I dont snore anymore because I wear Hostage Tape every night. Every once in a while I’ll accidentally fall asleep, start snoring, my wife will nudge me to say, “honey, put your tape on”.

I started Hostage Tape from my own personal journey, the most difficult time of my life. My mission is to help millions of other people so they can have their best lives.

Hostage Tape is the most comfortable mouth tape on the planet!

Don’t let snoring take you Hostage!