Mouth tape as a subscription to stop snoring, this has to be a SCAM right?

Mouth tape as a subscription to stop snoring, this has to be a SCAM right?



Mouth tape as a subscription to stop snoring, this has to be a SCAM right?

Im sure you’re thinking that this company is trying to sell mouth tape as a subscription in order to keep peoples mouths shut during sleep and to stop snoring…this is insane and just stupid.

(take 1 min to skim this entire welcome post or you may miss out on our story and what you are now a part of)

Let me tell you a quick story…

Once upon a time, there was a family…

Husband, wife, and two young kids.

He snored badly.

Every night.

For his wife, this meant poor sleep frustration and eventually resentment.

It went on for years.

Until one day his wife started to sleep in a separate bedroom.

Because of that, their intimacy disappeared and they drifted apart…

To the point where they had almost separate lives.

Their kids started struggling in school as a result of a poor home environment.

Their relationship was non-existent.

They both felt hopeless.

They ended up separating and eventually went through a difficult divorce. 

This was hard on the kids and their school performance continued to decline.

For the Husband, it was an all-time low. He felt responsible and he knew it was time for serious change.

So he began fixing the thing he believed was responsible for this whole downward spiral: his health.

He lost 25 pounds and started getting to bed early every night and up by 6 am every morning.

He saw some improvements but despite prioritizing sleep and diet he still didn't feel great in the mornings….

He started wondering about the snoring…

Could that be the real problem? Could snoring even be cured?  He started researching all the usual things like different positions, pillows, and mouthguards.

Nothing worked.

Until finally, he came across a random article that described a researcher who went to a sleep specialist and had a scientific analysis done on what was affecting his sleep quality.

The answer?

Mouth breathing.


Yep. The researcher went on to demonstrate how an open mouth while sleeping was the root cause of the other issues.

And the solution?  Taping his mouth shut while sleeping.

The researcher claimed that  “mouth taping” almost immediately solved his snoring, sleep apnea, and poor sleep.

So the guy in our story immediately went online and bought some cheap medical tape.

Eagerly anticipating the arrival of the tape, he finally got it. Not knowing how much to use or the best way to wear it, he put a big strip of tape on that night and went to bed.

Here’s what happened:

When I woke up the next day I could not believe how amazing I felt! It was the best night of sleep I ever had. I felt alive, refreshed, like a teenager again!

It was at that moment I knew I was on to something big.

I just needed to make it more accessible…more comfortable… and more fun!

People just needed awareness about mouth-breathing, and to be inspired by a great product they would actually use while having a fun buying experience and an amazing product experience.

Yes, this story is about me…the founder of Hostage Tape.

The most comfortable mouth tape on the planet.

3 years after our divorce, I’m now back together with my wife, our kids are flourishing in school, and we sleep in the same bed again. 

I don't snore anymore because I wear Hostage Tape every night. Every once in a while I’ll accidentally fall asleep, start snoring, and my wife will nudge me to say, “Honey, put your tape on”.

I started Hostage Tape from my own personal journey, from the most difficult time of my life.

My mission is to help millions of other people so they can have their best lives too.

My mission is to set free every single person who is a “hostage” of bad sleep.

And it starts right here.

So welcome!

Welcome to this community of crazy mouth-taping people.

Welcome to the Hostage Tape Army.

We are pumped you are here.

Alex Neist