WTF is mouth taping?

WTF is mouth taping?

Mouth taping! 

Sounds like something you've seen in a horror movie where a hostage is tied to a chair in some dark room, and their mouth is covered with duct tape, right? 

Not quite. There is another concept, only that in this one, nobody is tying you to a chair. So your mouth will still be taped, like in a hostage scenario. But this is is better than you might think. It will improve your sleep and maybe your struggling marriage. 

Is our explanation still hazy? Well, it won't be for long. We’ve got plenty to talk about with all the insights on mouth taping and our new product right out of the dungeon, Hostage Tape. 

Let's get started!

What Is Mouth Taping?

What does that question sound like? Well, that’s it. It's a practice of applying tape over your mouth at night as you head to sleep. Is it for everyone? Yes, although men are known to require it more than their female counterparts. Because they snore loudest, haha, you all know it’s true. 

But we have a point. So anyway, let that one go. 


How Does Mouth Taping Work?

So what our tape does is that it covers the top and the bottom lips, thus preventing you from opening your mouth. And that way, you cannot breathe via the mouth. This is not to torture you but to ensure that you breathe the right way. You were actually born to breathe via your nose. 


Does Mouth Taping Help With Snoring?

If you have visited any number of health experts seeking to find ways of stopping you or your partner’s annoying snores, we've got you. Of course, snoring is not a crime, but it sucks sleeping next to someone who does it all night. 

The good news is that you can significantly reduce snoring with Hostage Tape. Did you know that snoring usually happens when you breathe via your mouth? And snoring is just the tip of the iceberg in regard to the negative impacts of mouth breathing. 

If you suffer from regular mild obstructive sleep apnea, it's fundamentally because you are yet to figure out how to naturally breathe via your nose exclusively. In addition, research has proven that sleep apnea sufferers are also guilty of snoring heavily.


Benefits of Mouth Taping

If you thought that covering your mouth with Hostage Tape is just some fantasy that has no end game, you're in for a huge surprise. It will ease more respiratory problems than you might have thought of. 

Snoring aside, there's a myriad of many other issues that you can avoid by simply letting your wife/girlfriend tape your mouth. And we aren't kidding you. Check out these upsides: 


Stops Day Fatigue

You are your boss's whipping boy because you can’t stop sleeping at work. Or you just can't meet simple targets at the workplace, and everyone thinks that you have a problem. But you know the cause, you barely sleep enough at night. 

Fatigue can result from mouth breathing at night rather than nose breathing. It happens because some people just have a propensity to breathe via their mouths no matter what. 

Thus, when you block the mouth, you're only left with a sole option, and that's to breath the natural way via the nose. 


Stops Dry Mouth

A dry mouth is annoying. You have to wake up and drink water, and before you can catch some sleep, you're thirsty again. 

You probably don't have diabetes or some disorder that prompts your system to run out of water more often than normal. You only open your mouth longer than necessary, and the price is a dry mouth. The good thing is that we can help you fix it for a small ransom. All you need is to tape your mouth, and that's all. 

It won't be as annoying as you're thinking right now. On the contrary, it's actually refreshing to wake up feeling hydrated and fresh. 


Fosters Healthy Breathing

If you have asthma, Hostage Tape should mean more to you than any other person. Because for you, the quality of air that you breathe really matters. Of course, this matters for everyone, and that is why mouth breathing should be discouraged at all costs. 

Breathing through the nose has many benefits, including filtration of the air you draw in. It's also handy in enhancing air resistance that is hugely important in boosting lung volume. So the nose is actually the natural CPAP. 

In addition, breathing via the nose ensures that you draw in warm air that is just ideal for your lungs. 


Stops Bad Breath and Gum Disease

It seems like we are overpraising the performance of our magical Hostage Tape. But we have just started. Anyway, there's nothing blown out of proportion here. The tape simply works wonders. And truth be told, it even stops bad breath. 

Mouth breathing invites a host of pathogens and bacteria to your mouth. And this is why you wake up smelling like a sewer. Of course, it can't get to those extremes, but bad breath is quite repulsive. 

In addition, breathing via the mouth makes it a reaction chamber for bacteria and everything suspended in the air. When this happens, your teeth suffer, and the result is tooth decay and gum disease. 


What Kind of Tape to Use for Sleep?

If you think that you could just use any tape as sleep hostage tape, we could forgive you for watching too many movies. And we're begging you to stop because you could just hurt yourself, and before you know it, your wife is dialing 911 as you lie beside her, unable to breathe well. 

Hostage Tape is hypoallergenic. Thus, you are assured that it won't have side effects associated with the typical masking tape, such as irritation and allergy, primarily because it is medically tried and tested. 


How to Mouth Tape Safely?

There is no magical way to tape your mouth safely. This is a widely accepted practice. It's also seamlessly straightforward, meaning there's no likelihood that you can actually do it wrong. 

Nonetheless, for starters, here are some of the few key steps to make sure you get everything right:

  1. Some people apply vaseline or chapstick to their lips to ensure that the area doesn’t stick too much.
  2. To easily peel the back off the tape, gently pull each end of the tape away from each other. This helps pop the inside edges of the paper so you can pull off easy.
  3. If you want to reduce the tape stickiness, another trick is to place the strip on the back of your hand first, then apply to your mouth. This way the strip won’t be as sticky.
  4. Purse your lips together to reduce the outside lips sticking to the tape. Place a piece of the hostage tape on the mouth area horizontally. Ensure that you have covered the whole mouth surface. Especially if you’re a CPAP user, this helps reduce airflow problems.


How Do I Make Sure it Works?

We have no doubts that Hostage Tape will solve your sleep problems. Nonetheless, just to be sure that there's little chance of failure, apply the following tips: 

  1. Give it a week. Some people see results right away, others it might take a week.
  2. Be consistent and wear it every night.
  3. Lastly, it’s imperative you consult with your doctor and seek medication for respiratory ailments that may hamper proper breathing.


Final Thoughts

Now you have it all. Does it still feel like the masking tape you saw in the movie the other day? We bet not. 

Why not give it a try. It'll be worth it. Your wife/husband will finally sleep in the same room with you.

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